Bet365 sport betting review and test

Bet365 Tennis Betting – Bonus & Review

Test report and experience with the Bet365 Website: how good is the Bet365 betting site compared to the sports betting providers on the Internet?

Each Medium has its own laws. One of the great advantages of the internet is its boundlessness – and this in several ways: spatially, temporally, but also capacitively.

Bet365 is well known in the industry and is therefore also appreciated by our betting friends.

For hardly any other betting provider offers such a wide and deep betting program as the English Bookie.

Please note that gambling is not permitted until 18 years of age. The opening offer is exclusively for new customers, the conditions of participation must be observed. Please play responsibly. BZgA provides help on gambling addiction.

Operation & Navigation.

But with a lot of Information, there is also a big Problem: the organization of the same.

Bet365 is thus faced with the great challenge of presenting its offers as clearly and in a structured manner as possible.

In our opinion, the web experts of Bet365 have mastered this challenge relatively well. Because the customer is intuitively guided by a well-prepared program.

The only thing that might go away and be quite common in the competition is a search function.

The same applies to the creation of an individual menu with favorites from the betting offer.

In Bet365 live bets, however, this function is offered.

Visually, the online appearance of Bet365 is sober and modern.

Designed in yellow and white font on green and grey background, the page looks calm and pleasant to the viewer.

Figure above: the Bet365 Website has been very successful. (Screenshot from the 19.10.2017)

No flashy colors or strong contrasts irritate the eye and no playful elements distract from the content. Here the main emphasis is placed: on Sport (and betting).

Overall, the site looks highly professional and tidy.

Charging Time & Performance.

Unlike many other representatives of the industry, Bet365 does not use large banners or graphic elements and animations. As a result, the Navigation through the Pages is relatively smooth and fluid without longer waiting times.

Even the virtual sports competitions simulated in graphics animations can be loaded quickly and easily and run without “Hacker” in moving images.

A special feature is that not only the Live Center is updated automatically, but also the offers in the Sportsbook are reloaded regularly by the System.

This happens, of course, only with a longer stay on a certain page, so does not interrupt your own Navigation.

This review is based on our personal experience

This review is based on our personal experience with Bet365 and represents our opinions about Bet365.
Bet365 is a bookmaker with a long tradition, is one of the cream of the cream among online sports betting providers and is one of the largest gambling providers in the world.
Outstanding odds and a seemingly endless offer distinguish the bookmaker. With a huge selection of live events on all kinds of sporting events, as well as casino offerings with poker and games, Bet365 is an ideal “game room” for gaming and betting enthusiasts, and definitely for sports enthusiasts.
Bet365 Review for Tennis Betting.
The absolute highlight of Bookie’s betting offer is the extensive tennis betting. Highly attractive odds make for brisk wagers for all tennis fans. After football tennis is the most important sport in the betting portfolio. Especially the live bets are extremely popular and ideal for placing bets due to the fast and varied match procedures. It is not for nothing that the bookmaker cultivates such a varied tennis betting offer.
If you click on the sport tennis on the left side of the website, the overall view of the offer will take up almost the entire screen. Clear and neatly arranged all tournaments are listed on which bets can be made. And those are not a few, no matter where in the world just halfway professional tennis tournament takes place. Under “All Games” in the first third of the page, each customer will surely find his match, which he favors. Below that are all those who are available for betting. In the right half of the website are the offers of live betting. These are bets in a not new, but exciting dimension. Because this is the opportunity to make bets when the tennis match is already running. So you can then exploit individual situations of the game and bet on one or the other result.
Betting odds The bookmaker’s quota level is extremely attractive and well above the average of other sportsbook providers.
Bet365 tennis betting bonus for new customers.
Opening offer.
Open an account today at bet365 and get a 100% deposit bonus.
The terms and conditions apply. 18+
18+ – Gambling can be addictive. Play responsibly.
All further details about the Bet365 new customer bonus can be found directly at Bet365.
Additional Tennis Combo Bet Bonus at Bet365.
50% tennis bonus.
The great tennis bonus offer from bet365 includes matches of all major tennis tournaments and events. You can earn a bonus of up to 50% of your winnings when you bet on Winner, Winner – First Set or Winner for singles and doubles on all Grand Slam, ATP, WTA or Challenger Tour games as well for singles and doubles in the Davis Cup, Fed Cup and Hopman Cup. If you place a multi-bet with two or more matchmaking tips from the events listed above before the match, bet365 will credit you with the bonus on those bets.
This bonus is not valid if the cash out option has been used to fully evaluate a bet early. If a bet with the cash-out option has been partially settled, the bonus will be calculated based on the remaining active bet. The maximum amount of the bonus is £ 100,000 or the equivalent in another currency. If the qualifying bet was processed using our “Bet Edit” feature, any refund amount will be equal to the new bet amount, not the original bet. If a risk free bet has been processed using our “Bet Edit” feature, no refund will be made and the offer will no longer be available. This offer does not apply to multiple bets such as: Lucky 15’s or Lucky 31’s, for which a bonus already applies.
The terms and conditions apply. Only for new and eligible customers. 18+
Further details on the tennis bonus can be read directly from Bet365.
18+ – Gambling can be addictive. Play responsibly.

Bet365 Sports Betting Test and Review.

Bet365 is the clear test winner in the big bookmaker comparison!
No other bookmaker achieves such stable performance in all ten test areas. While Bet365 has no significant weaknesses in any area, there are a number of outstanding strengths on the other.
Among the biggest strengths of the UK market leader in sports betting on the Internet include the huge betting range, the consistently excellent betting odds and the best live betting center, which is currently available on the betting market.
That’s why Bet365 is one of the largest online sports betting providers in the world, many competitors have the bookmaker now simply suspended.
Bet365 rating & test results.

  • Screenshot of the Bet365 website from 18.11.2017.
    Sports betting valid only with 18+ bonus only for new customers, see terms and conditions for gambling addiction helps the BZgA.
    Detailed review of the bookmaker Bet365.
    In this review you will now find a detailed description of the experiences that our test editors have made with the bookmaker Bet365 in each test category over the last few years. To structure this article in a clear way for our readers, we evaluated the ten test areas individually and one after the other.
    1.) Bet365 betting odds (92/100 points) *
    The Bet365 betting odds are in our opinion consistently attractive, with an average odds payout of approximately 94% and a bookmaker margin of only 6% is Bet365 in the review of the best providers in the odds comparison.
    This odds quota is calculated as the average we measured across the entire Bet365 betting program, with more or less strong up and down variations. While football betting on top European leagues such as the Bundesliga or Premier League often uses a higher payout ratio (up to 96%), the odds level for smaller football leagues or marginal sports can drop to as much as 92%.
    Bet365 is often the best bidder not only for the odds for particularly popular favorites in European top football, due to the relatively high odds key is also regularly excellent odds for tips on draw or outsider victories. Only the raised betting tax pulls the quota level down a bit, however, apart from Tipico, there are hardly any bookmakers who do without the tax.
  • The payout key is based on random testing of various competitions over a period of several weeks.
    The following betting offers are usually offered at Bet365 with a particularly high quota key:
    Football: Champions League bets.
    Football: Bundesliga Betting.
    Football: Premier League bets.
    Basketball: NBA Betting.
    Tennis: Betting on Grand Slam tournaments.
    At major events such as World Cups or European Championships, we have also been able to spot bet offers at Bet365 with a payout of nearly 100%. In this case, the bookmaker from founder of the promotion completely renounced his profit margin.
    2.) The bet365 betting offer (96/100 points)
    The betting program of Bet365 impresses with an enormous variety, which reveals itself impressively at the first glance at the Bet365 betting site. To get a complete idea of ​​the dimensions of the entire betting offer, you first have to work your way through the sports betting menu.
  • Screenshot from 18.10.2017.
    During the trial period, there was always a high number of sports in the Bet365 betting offer. It should be noted as a quality feature, even if less popular sporting events are covered in the betting program.
    Presumably due to the origin of the betting provider, some typical British sports (cricket, Gaelic sports, etc.) can be found in the betting portfolio of Bet365, but there is no special focus in the overall program.
    We would particularly like to highlight the Bet365 football bets, here the bookmaker from England achieved in the test comparison a good result.
    3.) The bet365 live bets (99/100 points)
    The Bet365 live betting offer counts in our view to the absolute highlights of the English sports betting provider. In our opinion no other bookmaker has a similarly large selection of live bets from different sports.
    The most popular sports in live betting include:
    Football Tennis Basketball Handball Ice Hockey.
    The Bet365 Live Betting Center also convinces us in technical and visual terms. Despite the huge selection of different betting options remains a very tidy and clear overall impression.
    Screen above: Extract from the live center of Bet365. As of: 18.10.2017.
    During the trial period we have always found numerous live events in the offer of Bet365, so that whether for the day

Bet365 financial betting: tap on the world’s financial markets.

Become a Broker and tap on rising or falling stock prices.

Update: Bet365 no longer offers financial bets (as of 06.02.2018)

The numerous online sports betting providers enjoy in today’s Society an increasing importance. More and more parts of the population are trying their luck at one of the numerous online betting providers. In order to be able to offer the largest possible diversity to the betting experts, the respective online betting offices have discovered new opportunities for themselves. In addition to the very wide range of sports betting offers, you also offer the option of finalising financial betting. This option is not available to you by any online betting provider. In this article we would like to give a little more detail to Bet365. This gives you the opportunity to complete financial bets. Take advantage of this opportunity to get to know Bet365 and the world of financial betting.

But what is actually hidden behind the concept of financial betting? Basically, these are based on stock exchange trading. As a player, you are free to bet on falling or rising prices. Here, you have the Option tips on an Index such as the DAX or NASDAQ, or placing a financial wager on individual courses. At this point, however, we would like to point out that you should only play financial bets if you have the necessary “Know-How”. In order to be able to play successfully, you must have knowledge of the financial sector.

Bet365 offers you the opportunity to bet on the financial markets. For example, you have the option to tap quotas on the closing price for the respective indices. You must predict whether the closing price will be lower or higher than the current price. In addition, you are free to bet on up to 12 different market values. As you can easily see, the first-class financial betting provider Bet365 offers you a very wide choice. Get more information on the Bet365 website.

An overview of all interesting information, experiences and special features around the individual betting providers, can be found in our article: the individual betting providers – information & special features.

The above-mentioned offers may be limited to new customers or may no longer be valid. The betting provider’S general terms and conditions apply. Please refer to the betting provider’s website for details. All tips are based on the author’s personal opinion. There is no guarantee of success. Please bet responsibly. 18+

  • All indicated betting odds were valid at the time of creation of the article. Each betting rate is subject to fluctuations. Please check the current rates at the respective betting provider!

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