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The bet of the day is a prognosis made by our best tipster, who observing for the list of games of the day chooses the bet on which he has the most confidence that will be won that day.  This prognosis is indicated to place in simple bets, but if you wish you can combine it in a multiple, or other type of BET.

Our prognosis is simple, straightforward and easy to understand. Here we like to make things as simple as possible to get a free prognosis whenever you access our website, and finish your bet with a gambling house/Santa Casa mediator as soon as possible.

With only a few exceptions, daily prognoses will always be in football. Our focus is the European leagues with the most popularity in volume (English leagues and European competitions). However, at certain times of the year when football in Europe is at a standstill, we will also put forward prognoses in South American leagues or another continent where football is played at the highest level.

Where can I use this prognosis?

It’s your choice! You can either use it on the scoreboard in any Santa Casa mediator, or you can bet online using the bonuses we have especially for you!

The bonuses we offer at this time are:

$ 25 without risk to bet Bet on Bet.en;

$ 50 without risk to betclic.en;

€ 30 in free gambling through a deposit at Estoril Casino Online;

$ 100 bonus for new betters on our offer.en;

$ 100 bonus for new gamblers in CasinoPortugal.en;

What is the percentage of success of these prognoses?

As with any prognosis, the bet of the day is not infallible and 100% safe every time. However, you can count on a choice of great value that will certainly have the highest probability of being won

Odds may be slightly lower than in the other prognoses offered on this site, but the rate of hit is higher.

Will there be new prognoses every day?

There will be predictions every time our tipster thinks there are high-value bets for that day. There may be days when there will simply be no prognosis.

How can I maximize my profits with these prognoses?

There are several ways you can increase your winnings by using our prognoses. We now put some tips that you should always follow to be able to cut losses and maximize your profit:

You choose simple bets more often: although multiple bets are a shortcut to making more money in less time, the truth is that most of the time results in a medium-long-term loss. We therefore advise you to focus more on the simple bets, making only one multiple sporadically.

Patience and discipline: Rome was not made in a day. In the same way, you have to think you’re not gonna get rich today with sports betting. Building a bank takes time and effort. You don’t want to jump steps and then lose everything. Take it easy and discipline.

Knowing how to deal with losses: there are no gamblers with a 100% hit rate. Everybody loses. Sometimes more, sometimes less. The important thing is to know how to deal with the losses and not try to recover the lost bank immediately. All bets must be considered.

Learn to run your bank, you should look at your bank in the medium-long term and never in the immediate future. Never bet more than 10% of your bankroll on a bet! You must manage it intelligently and thoughtfully. A good management allied to patience and discipline makes it grow in a sustainable way.

Looking for a tip at the time of the bet?    Betting Sites are one of the most sought after aspects of sports betting. They are a big part of online sports betting and it is understandable when you want to break the nature of betting.

A gambler wants to risk only for one reason, which is to make a profit. What can make it easier to make a profit? Betting tips, which come from specialized sources and exist to try to make your online bets much more profitable.

That’s why they’re so popular and why everyone will look at them. The most common practice of these tips has its origins in horse racing, when in newspapers you could find an informant, someone who offered his top picks of the day.

Gamblers started to rely on these informants because their knowledge, experience and vast expertise on certain betting markets were perceived. It’s a quick way to reach the finish line. They really serve a great purpose and should not be neglected.

Everyone has their opinion on the betting and results of sporting events. So precision is the key here. The more you need a source, the more confidence you can put in it. Fortunately, there are good sources that can point you in the right direction with your bets and can avoid practices such as kicks out in your selections.

Football betting is one of the largest betting markets in Brazil and the rest of the world and has therefore produced its own race of informants. These tips on football bets are really valuable because sometimes you simply can’t make a decision just with your thinking.

If there are two teams quite similar technically, how will you choose? Well, the tips are provided to you having based on the statistical study of history, shape and much more to increase the chances of choosing a winner.

There may be a big shock between two better teams and you can’t wait to make a bet, but you just don’t know who will prevail. Look for betting tips to see what the experts have to say. Take a good look at to see great examples of football tips.

There you will find the game preview along with the best suggested betting tip, plus the best price for taking this hint. This is the importance of having experts on your side. You may not have time to study statistics in this way, but having someone who has and is ready to convey your wisdom to you is valid.

After all, there is no certainty in the sport, but at least it is possible to increase your chances of making the profit appear at the end of the day.

Betting tips can actually leverage your betting results.

This is a good source of betting tips in a wide range of sports because, after all, sports betting is not restricted to the fields of football. The importance of BET quality tips cannot be really defined.

Of course there is great reward in researching statistics and choosing a winner yourself or pulling a top hat name for the big race of the day, but really, for convenience and quality, betting tips cannot be made something overlooked. It is necessary to have a place in their arsenal of betting for them, as they can prove to be extremely beneficial.

Sometimes it just takes a little betting tip to help you make a decision when you’re in a dilemma for a long time. There is absolutely nothing wrong with using betting tips, but make sure they are from a reliable source. Some people will charge for their advice, but it is not always necessary.

Certainly, in the cases of the links above, quality tips of sports betting are at your disposal there and for free. Prepare to accelerate your betting potential by deploying these tips.

It doesn’t really matter if it’s volleyball, football, basketball, tennis or any other sport. There will be an expert ready to share small snacks of vital information that can make your gambling life just a little easier. You really don’t need to go too far to find them.

Word-of-mouth advertising is really one of the best forms of advertising when it comes to informants. It is always good to know a “product” that has been tried, tested and fulfilled the task of providing quality tips from time to time.

Tips are extremely useful when it comes to tournaments such as the World Cup, the Champions League or the F1 season because there are so many variables. Don’t be fooled by the news on gambling sites. The site obviously doesn’t want you to make a lot of profit.

So look for good independent informants, those who can also tell you the best site to go to in order to get the best chances available for the tip. This is the stage of two parts of the tip in sports betting.

Predicting a result and bet value. It is easy to say that the Flemish will beat the Quissaman, but there is no value in it. The true value of the informant comes when they discover the days when the Jinn has their chance.

If you are interested in sports betting, create an account with these online gambling sites.

Tips and advice for the good gambler

1.  Start calmly, understand that if you can’t make money with R $ 50.00 you won’t be able to win either with R $ 500.00

2. Never bet all your money (all your bank).

3.  Don’t bet on your heart team.

4.  Make a history and register all your bets, this will make you see your errors more easily.

5.  When losing a Bet do not despair, and do not try to make another bet then only to recover your lost money.

6.  Don’t delude yourself with a series of winning bets.

7.  Don’t stick to goals, don’t force yourself to make an X value on every bet you make.

Sportsbook tips * the best tips shared by gamblers

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The best sports betting tips given by gamblers

Some time ago, we contacted our entire betting club user base and asked the following question: “If you could give a hint, idea or even advice to someone about sports betting, What Would you say?”It goes without saying that we spend a lot of time analyzing thousands of emails to sifting through the best sportsbook tips shared by our dear users. But all the work was worth it,and in this article you will accompany this collective treasure created in collaboration by several gamblers in Brazil!

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The best sports betting tips by our gamblers

Imagine how many good tips, experiences and experiences in the field of sports betting can exist in the head of each of the several thousand gamblers who pass through our website every day. Surely we could learn a lot from each of them, couldn’t we? So the idea of sending an email to each one that accompanies our work asking:

If you could give a hint, idea or even advice to someone about sports betting, What Would you say?

We select the best sportsbook tips

And after analyzing each of the answers we received, we decided to take the ones we found the best: either because they are really good, or because they serve as a trigger so that we can bring our opinions and enrich the discussion even more. We separate the sports betting tips in the following categories:

Discipline and planning

Banking Management

Expected Value

Multiple Bets

Cash Out



So, to get more organized, the topics are inserted in the following tabs: just click on one of them that expands and you can follow the whole discussion in the category that interests you most. If you are more relaxed with your time, we recommend that you read everything, after all, you never know the knowledge that can be waiting for you in the other categories.

Discipline and Planning expected Bank Management multiple responses to Technologicalpsychological challenges

Discipline and planning tips

To be disciplined and plan your route is of extreme importance and will determine the step-by-step to the much-dreamed consistency. See the tips of the team that accompanies the club and at the end, the considerations of our team:

Edimar: try to study a lot, do a lot of research before you start and train a lot of strategy until you get familiar with something that works for you. Always look for material related to the market you are working on.

Cleiton: betting on known teams, so as not to lose emotional control, betting on any game that is live, taking into account the score or the multiplier.

Sandro: bet quietly without pressure to make money.

Yuri F.: There must be discipline to apply your strategy, regardless of whether it is focused on pre-game analysis or whether it is based on game reading. Having discipline to record your results will bring you accurate information about the gambler’s performance. Discipline not to get involved in sports betting that you don’t know. Healthy habits such as good eating, exercise practice give more clarity to our ideas.

José Roberto: write down your bets and constantly look at your history. In this way, try to understand in which markets it is being more profitable and in which markets it is having losses. I recommend the use of a fixed value of up to 5% of the bank. This tip is one of the main ones that even the course of the club provides us, from the moment I stopped to analyze this, I started to be consistent in betting.

Evelyn: for both the punter and the trander: start the activities without pressure. Getting into this business and wanting to make money immediately will take away your focus and make sure you don’t learn from mistakes and right things. The results will come as a result of much work and study.

Reginaldo: don’t delude yourself with tips sales groups, look for free materials on websites, social networks, youtube etc. Study on markets, statistical data and after a few months in the activity focus on the market where you are good and perfect. Be patient, organize and select good leagues to work. I am walking to my third year in this business and it was only when I sought to do what I mentioned that I was able to reap the results. I have abandoned WhatsApp group participations and focused on the markets where I am good and I feel comfortable. Today I work in only 2 markets: Asian corners HT and over 0.5 HT, only in 10 leagues. Do not go out making entries in any market. Focus on what you are good at, in the main leagues and forget about this type of Tips, groups and so on.

Rodrigo: if you are a beginner and find a strategy opportunity that you do not yet master, do not enter the market. Just analyze the progress of the game and the behavior of odds. This will avoid reds and give you more experience and confidence for the next similar opportunity you identify.

Rodrigo: train, study and raise in which markets you can be profitable in the long term. Specialize in these markets and analyze any and all game entries through annotations, VTs and statistics.

Francisco: be strictly disciplined, follow the beginning of competitions to better understand them, be self-confident, control your emotional.

Pedro Henrique: I am recent in betting, about two months, but with all the help of the club staff I am getting better and better! If I could give a hint to someone who’s starting, it would be them.:

– Start with very small banking and gradually, as you become familiar with the branch, increase (fatally it will break some stalls);

– Do not follow blindly tips and prognoses of others: consistency comes with their development;

– Study!!! No great Brazilian gambler that we have today as a reference came here without spending hours sitting in a chair studying and knowing the markets in depth;

– Last but not least, emotional control!! You have to know yourself well and know how to deal with reds and greens!!

Anonymous gambler: although generic, the tip is to stay away from the herd. Most people who act with trading or punting lose money if that is not their goal to find their way and their way away from the losing herd.

Clayton: never trade or put in a rush or run. Lack of care and analysis is the right recipe for disaster. As a variant of this tooltip is to have the ability to differentiate speed/speed. Always react. Don’t expect things to happen. Make things happen. Always direct to make good profits or to reduce any possible losses.

Maicon: sometimes you have to be stubborn. Study, choose a technique and go ahead. If you’re doing it the right way, it’ll work. When taking reds do not lose heart, insist, think long term that the results will come.

Betting tips from the club’s local club: many interesting topics were cited here that would be worth hours and hours of debate and discussion. Opinions were organized around a common theme: “discipline and planning”.  Nowadays, with the wave of stage entrepreneurship and self-help books, success – whether it be in betting or in any other sphere of life – has become a mere matter of wanting, of having the right mindset: just think positive and truly believe that the universe will find a way to bring it to you, leaving aside good technique and effort. Of the successful gamblers that I know, I have not seen any that has not really devoted itself daily to the study of sports betting. The fact of being the “country of football” this is a gift and also a bane: compensate the fact breathe football in our day-to-day with the false understanding that we understand the sport well enough to not have to study it, we carry that same naivete in the bets that we make.

Learning to bet must come without pressure

So learn every day and every day. Just above, they said very well: take the pressure off this learning, you don’t have to make it expensive. Acquiring a banking management discipline, writing down your results and realizing that initially it is not the gross value you are able to do, but rather the return on investment consistently that you produce, is a learning that can be acquired with very small stalls. So, what’s the point of trying to take a bigger step than the leg already? Contain your desire for status, stop this desire to have to present yourself to others as a successful gambler and come to account only to you. To devote a limited amount that you will be missed as banking and analyzing the bets in a coherent manner, with cool objectivity typical of the numbers, the passionalidade and the fear will give way to rationality: you will be able to understand if a given market technique or style of betting is profitable or not for you, and as a good investor to know if you should increase your investment, reduce them, or even accept the loss, pick up their backpacks, and to seek a new and better opportunity.

Sometimes you will be advised to quit your job and dedicate yourself to your “dream”, to have more time to be a gambler. After all, all you get is “dream big”. That’s not advice for everyone. And if you depend on the income from your work for your livelihood or your family, that’s actually bad advice. Unfortunately, nowadays the idea is being sold that having a common signed wallet job is a demerit, a thing for people with little ambitions, that is content to die a little, from Monday to Friday, from 08:00 to 18:00. In particular, I disagree with this view, I could expand on this discussion, but the important point is that: the pressure to be profitable in sports betting with the boletos arriving in the mailbox is unsustainable.  And this pressure to speed things up, to try to take out revenues that are beyond your technical capacity, can even kill the good gambler that could exist in you. Therefore, if you are starting now, have a professional life in parallel, keep your studies and, in the moments of freedom that arise, devote yourself to sports betting. Go on to allocate more time to this proportional to the return and the identification you feel for this activity. Only then, after many bets made, many entries and exits from the market, with a relevant sample and good profits think about making bigger leaps.

Whatsapp groups and information curator

Groups of Whats App and curator of information at the present time we are truly privileged, we can have basically any kind of information we want. With a Google on the screen and a few clicks knowledge is within our reach. However, quantity is not quality, and precisely because we have abundant information we are swallowed by them, we drown, we are thrown from one side to the other, navigating links and more links of uselessness. How many times have you not sat in front of your computer and, when you started navigating, realized what hours have passed and nothing was useful done or absorbed?

Our thinker and philosopher Mario Sérgio Cortella says that we live in the age of” curatorship ” and, on the cover of his book already sums up well his thinking about the present times:

What matters is what matters!

The important thing is to filter the information as it also happens with Whatsapp groups. Being in seven different groups won’t make you a better gambler. On the contrary, you may end up being caught up in useless and bairroist discussions about football, that “Palmeiras has no World Cup”, that “Atlético Mineiro is bi of nothing”, among other platitudes that we could follow at any Boteco table. The groups should be analyzed in a logical way, according to the people who attend it, the wealth of information circulating there and the return that this brings to it in view of the time in which it is dedicated to it. If this relationship is positive, keep it, otherwise the time has come to practice this curation preached by the philosopher.

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