How to bet on MMA and UFC

The fights are quite popular within Brazil, being very common in the gym as physical activity. In addition, the sport became popular within the country due to the success made by some of our fighters as Anderson Silva and Jose Aldo.

If you are a lover of martial arts, can take advantage of the knowledge and try to make a extra income. Want to better understand how this works? Then we will follow up with the article, because today we will teach you how to bet on MMA and UFC by 188Bet, one of the houses of bets that we recommend.

Create your account at 188Bet to bet on fights martial

The 188Bet is one of the betting partner of the Club of the Bet. We know and we recommend this house for you to put down your predictions in MMA, UFC or any other sport. When you click on the link below you will be redirected to the 188Bet in a new window, without interrupting your reading.

How to bet on MMA or UFC?

If you are already familiar with the world of sports betting, is likely to have great difficulty in understanding how to bet on MMA or UFC. You are, after all, the markets are very similar, only with adaptations to the reality of each modality.

Before we begin, we need to find the area of sports within the site of 188Bet. This is done by the top menu, next to the logo of the platform. The image below identifies how it is organized this menu.

find the area of sports

Now, within the area of sports, we will access another menu, this time locating on the left side of the site. In it, we have a list of all modalities that 188Bet offers to explore, and always bet that we will. In the following, we highlight with a red rectangle where you should click.

modalities that 188Bet offers

By selecting a fight to bet on

Finally, we are directed to the area where are the fights available for focusing on 188Bet. The platform will display by type of struggle and, within that, the competitions in progress at the time of the search.

competitions in progress

To open the fights of the previous screen, we just need to mark the check box and click on SEND (a green button that will appear at the bottom of your screen). Done this, therefore, 188Bet will open all the fights available for betting.

For this example, so let us use the Ultimate Fighting Championship, a competition of MMA. Now, therefore, we already have access to the list of struggles. We just need to select a to 188Bet to open the markets of that dispute.

access to the list of struggles

Setting a bet in MMA

Finally, we need to choose our bet and put it in the system of 188Bet. This can be done directly on the screen of the matches or, as we prefer to demonstrate, by clicking in the fight specifically.

Let’s assume that you opt for a bet in favor of the fighter Jimmie Rivera in the clash against Aljamain Sterling. In a first moment, the only market available is the winner of the fight (we’ll talk about the markets in the sequence).

the available market is the winner of the fight

The price of victory for the Rivera is 1.55. To make the bet at 188Bet, we have selected this odd and, automatically, the platform will open a frame on the right side of the site. Here, we only need to select the value you wish to wager and finally click on BET.

click to BET

Pronto! A sua aposta já está registrada. Você deve aguardar a luta acontecer e, sendo a aposta vencedora, a 188Bet adicionará o valor ao seu saldo automaticamente.

Em quais mercados podemos apostar em MMA?

Unlike other sports also popular in the betting, such as football and tennis, the martial arts do not offer a wide variety of markets. Usually, in fact, the opening brings only bets on the winner of the fight — it was exactly what we saw in this article.

However, it can happen to the bookmaker to open other markets when the fighting approaches. The way it ends (the decision of arbitration, knockout or tapout) and the amount of rounds are two examples of this.

Some tips to start betting on MMA

To end this article, we separated two simple tips that you should take into account at the time of making a bet on MMA or other types of martial arts.

Stay tuned to the markets before the fight start

Stay tuned to the markets before the fight start

The fights are among the sports are more difficult to find the odds the exact. By the low number of events and confrontations between the fighters, and the statistics are not as rich as the football, when teams play every week against an opponent of similar.

What may seem like something bad is extremely beneficial to the bettor. This is because with the difficulty of the bookmakers calculate the odds exact, the greater the chances of finding value before the fight start. However, of course, this requires great knowledge of the sport and of the fighters.

Get to know a lot about the fighters

Get to know a lot about the fighters

This is a tip almost universal to individual sports: get to know the athletes, in this case, are the fighters. As we depend on the performance, it becomes more than essential to know the strengths and weaknesses of each competitor.

A good parallel can be made with the running shoes. To find a bounder as well, we can ride the whole analysis of the bet with the surface and with the type of player that he will face.

In the fights is the same thing. Seek to understand, therefore, that each athlete has a specialty and what is the style that increases your risk of defeat. Crossing this information, you’ll be able to then get which athlete has the most advantage over your opponent (and vice versa).

Want to start betting on MMA?

The MMA fights can be a fun way to try to earn extra income. To extract the maximum value of this modality, do not leave to deepen, in sports and in sports betting. Thus, the chances of profit when you bet on the 188Bet.

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