How to bet on rugby?

How to bet on rugby?

For those who do not understand much about the sport, rugby can be very similar to american football. However, for the lovers of sport, the differences are more than noticeable and influence completely the progress of a game.

As we did recently an article teaching you to bet on the NFL, nothing more fair than to bring then a tutorial of how to bet on rugby for the case you like this sport.

How to bet on rubgy by 188Bet?

For this tutorial of how to bet on rugby, we’ll use the 188Bet. This, after all, is a bookmaker that covers some of the major championships of the sport and you can rely on to work with a platform serious and safe.

Create your account at 188Bet to bet on rugby

The 188Bet is one of the betting partner of the Club of the Bet. We know and we recommend this house for you to put down your predictions in rugby or sports that you like. When you click on the link below you will be redirected to the 188Bet in a new window, without interrupting your reading.

Locating the championships in rugby bet

Once you have created your account at 188Bet, we can start our tutorial finding the rugby within the sports area of the site. This is done by selecting that mode in the menu on the left side, where are listed the sports available.

the menu on the left side of

Notice in the image above, which we highlighted in red the two important commands to locate this area. Make sure, therefore, of click rugby to view the championships with open markets for investments. Just select those you’re interested in and click send.

view the championships with the open markets

Choosing a game to bet

After making the selection of the championships that you want, 188Bet will list the games available. We chose the one that we want to bet on by clicking in any white area of that game.

Notice, then, that the quotes for the winner of the match and handicap are already available. It is possible to bet directly on this screen, however we will follow the traditional path to the case you to search for other alternative markets.

Choosing a game to bet

Finally, we will have a list of markets to choose the best bet for our game. See in the next image, some of the options that we have on the confrontation between France x Scotland.

the list of markets to choose from

Confirming our bet on 188Bet

In the following article, we’ll cover more about these markets. For now, let’s finalize our bet by selecting a quote that in interest. Assuming that you believe in the victory of France, click on the quote and, in sequence, set the amount you want to bet in the window that opens on the right side of the site.

Confirming our bet on 188Bet

Once you set the value of your bet, 188Bet will inform your earning potential. To confirm the investment, do not forget to click on BET, the green button highlighted at the bottom of our last image. This way, your bet is already made.

Which markets to bet on rugby?

Throughout this our tutorial how to place a bet at 188Bet, we ended up seeing two of the markets available within the rugby. Let’s understand then how each of them works and, of course, other options that we have to invest in the sport.

The winner of the match

Vencedor da partida

Como já é tradicional dentro das apostas esportivas, o primeiro mercado disponível para investimento é o de vencedor do confronto, também muito conhecido por Match Odds, 1×2 ou Mercado das Probabilidades. Aqui, como já é previsível, a aposta é feita em quem vai ganhar o confronto.

Empate Anula Aposta

Empate Anula Aposta

The idea of the market of a Draw Voids the Bet (also known as Draw no Bet or DNB, for platforms in English) is to eliminate the draw from the results. In football, it is used to reduce the risk of losing a bet if the team dominate the match, but is unable to score a goal.

In rugby, on the other hand, the chance of a match end in a tie is very small. See, still on the market the previous, the odds of a draw are high. So, here the probability are very similar with the market of Match Odds.

Winner of the first time

Winner of the first time

Another interesting variation within the market for rugby is the winner of the first time. The name is also intuitive: we should set the result to the end of the first half of the game — regardless of who will end up winning.



Finally, we have the handicap market which, after all, means the submission of an advantage or disadvantage for the teams. This is an option often used in confrontations out of balance, bringing the odds more attractive for the favorite.

In this confrontation, for example, we have France as a big favorite. This way, you can opt for a handicap negative to have a prize more interesting. Notice how the line of France -5.5 pays twice as much for a winning bet, but, on the other hand, requires that the victory be by six or more points.

Already in the case of the handicap is positive, it adds the score chosen at the final score of the game. If you bet on the Scotland +5.5, this means that the team scottish can lose by up to five points of difference for your bet to be a winning.

Start betting on rugby by 188Bet

As we have seen throughout this article, betting on rugby is not very different from what we do with the other modality. The challenge, therefore, is to know enough of the sport to find betting value.

To start betting on rugby, you can use the 188Bet. In addition to presenting the markets of the major competitions, it offers a bonus of up to$200 on first deposit for new registered.

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