How to bet on Sporting Bet

How to bet on Sporting Bet

The Sporting Bet is a bookmaker well known to brazilians. Among other factors, it appears frequently in tv channels, sports with advertisements and disclosure. If all this has piqued your interest, we’ll teach you step-by-step how to bet on Sporting Bet.

How to bet on Sporting Bet? • Complete Tutorial

If you already have the habit to bet (or at least know the basic procedure of a betting house), certainly will not have much problems in getting on Sporting Bet. The operation, after all, is very similar to what we have out there.

On the other hand, if this is your first experience in this sense, do not worry. We will guide you from now through the most important steps in time to start betting on this platform.

Step #1 • Has an account on Sporting Bet

Notice, below, that the command options in the upper right corner are simple: create the registration and log in to your account. If you do not yet have a record in this house betting, the first step is to create your account on Sporting Bet. Once that process is complete, we need to log in to the site

Have an account on Sporting Bet

Step #2 • Select a game to bet

Now, within the platform of Sporting Bet, we need to choose a match to bet on. The layout is very similar to that other houses use, featuring a central area with games featured and the sports listed on the left side.[

Choose a game to bet

Even in the side menu, we will choose the football. The site itself will direct us to the matches of the day. Here, just click in that game that attract your attention. As an example, we will select the game between Chievo x Rome.

Chievo x Rome.

Step #3 • Choose your bet

We’re almost finished! The last step is to set a bet within the platform. To do this, however, we must first take a look at the markets available. See, then, that the betting house will display all on the screen of the game that we selected previously.

Choose your bet

As well as the main bookmakers, Sporting Bet offers a good range of the market. We have options for goals, both mark, handicaps and much more. For simplicity, we will use the traditional market of the winner of the match which, as the name suggests, requires a hit on the team that will win the confrontation.

Step #4 • Understanding the odds

Understanding the odds

In this case, the Chievo was the flashlight of the competition and had a series of negative results. For this reason, we have opted for a bet on Roma with a quote of 1.60.

In this case, the Chievo was the flashlight of the competition and had a series of negative results. For this reason, we have opted for a bet on Roma with a quote of 1.60.

This number is the number that if called odds (odds) and it will always appear that you want to invest in a sports match. The quotation brings us two important information:

  • The percentage probability of the result: when dividing the number one by the odds, you will find the probability that the house offers for your bet. In this case, we have to 62.5% (1/1,60).
  • Your potential profit: by multiplying the price chosen by the money which you invest, we have the potential return of the bet. Assuming a bet with$100, we have a potential return of R$160 (a profit of 60% on your investment).

Step #5: Confirm your bet

Since the odds are understood, we can choose our bet in Rome by Sporting Bet. For this reason, therefore, simply select the quote you want. Watch out for be on the market correct already that there are some similar, but with odds are quite different.

odds are quite different

When we place the mouse over the bet, the color of it changes, as you saw in the previous image. In addition, the Sporting Bet will open a window on the right side of your screen. Here, it will be possible to add the value of your bet and click BET to confirm your investment.

Confirm your bet

Ready! You’ve already learned how to bet on Sporting Bet and you can follow the same tutorial for other markets and sports, whenever you want.

We will review the tutorial of how to bet on Sporting Bet?


Want to start betting on Sporting Bet?

As you have seen throughout this article, betting on Sporting Bet is one that is very quiet. If you have left any questions about the process, please let us communicate by comments.

In addition, if you want to start betting, take advantage of the bonus offered by Sporting Betfor new users of up to R$120. So, your bankroll starts larger and you have more time to test their strategies.

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