How to bet on volleyball? • Bet on after to track Volleyball

How to bet on volleyball? • Bet on after to track Volleyball

Hump them! Who doesn’t remember the popular excuse that Galvão Bueno got tired of dropping every stroke of our tip for brazil? Or so of screaming always present of Bernardinho in the edge of the court? All this in light of the great results that our teams (male and female) obtained over the last decade.

And, if you like the sport, you should know that you can try to earn money with the sport, right? I did not know? You’ve come to the right place: in this article, we’ll teach you how to bet on volleyball.

How to bet on volleyball?

Betting is easier than it may seem at first. To get started, you just need an account in a betting house reliable and a panel of small (nothing of out by putting high numbers without knowing the market, eh?!).

For this tutorial, for example, we will use the 188Bet, a bookmaker well-known and that we recommend for use. If you still do not have an account on the platform, take the time to create your account and use the bonus new users, and working with a banking major.

Create your account at 188Bet to bet on volleyball

The 188Bet is one of the betting partner of the Club of the Bet. We know and we recommend this house for you to stick your selections in volleyball or sports that you like. When you click on the link below you will be redirected to the 188Bet in a new window, without interrupting your reading.

Now yes, so let’s understand how you can make bet on volleyball within the 188Bet.

Locating a volleyball game to bet

In the first place, we need to find the area of volleyball within the sports segment. As well as other bookmakers, 188Bet has sectors for casino and gambling. Therefore, if necessary, select the sports category by the top bar. The image below highlights where we should click to this action.

select the sports category

Now, you will have many sporting highlights in the central area of the screen. How the volleyball does not usually have matches highlighted, we need to use the menu located on the left side of the site. Indicated with a red arrow where is the volleyball. You just need to select to be directed.

the menu located at the

Selecting a game to bet

From that moment on, we are already within the category of volleyball games. The 188Bet will then display all of the leagues with games open to the day in question. See, below, that we made after to track and click send. So, finally we will have access to the games of our championship volleyball.

alloys with games open for the day

Notice in the following that the first match is between Ponta Grossa x Sada Cruzeiro. As the odds reflect, the minas team has extensive favoritism. As the idea is to just illustrate this article (and it does not discuss the value of the bet), we’ll use it.

 first match

Finalizing your bet

Finally, we confirm our bet in the match. For this, you must select the desired selection. In this way, 188Bet will open a side window with information specific to their selection.

To finalize the process, we just need to fill in the value that we want to bet and confirm by clicking the green button WAGER. Ready! Your bet is confirmed.

Finalizing your bet

The markets for betting on volleyball

Unfortunately, the coverage of the after to track is not always complete by the betting sites. This is normal, after all this is not a modality as hotly contested as football or tennis, for example. Even so, in competitions with greater coverage, the variety of markets is present. To explain each one of them, let’s use a league with the four main markets of volleyball: the Premier League of Japan.

The winner of the match

The winner of the match

The game between Toray Arrows vs JTEKT Stings (randomly selected) displays a lot of balance. The win market reflects this, with odds for teams to both selections. In this market, your goal is to stick the winner of the confrontation, without major complications.

Handicap sets

Handicap sets

A game of volleyball is played in best of five sets. To win the match, so the team should win three of them. However, for more secure bets or odds the best, the bookmakers open the market of Handicap of sets.

In this case, you can grant an advantage (or disadvantage) to the teams. See that the Handicap Toray Arrows -1.5 Sets brings a situation more challenging. The team needs to win by 3×1 or 3×0. That is, a victory by 3×2 already makes the bet a loser. On the other hand, of course, the award in case of hit is better.

This is a market that is very useful in games with large imbalance. So, you can grant an advantage to the zebra and profit more with the victory of a favorite than it would be with a single triumph.

Handicap points

Handicap points

Another option Handicap that 188Bet offers is points. Those who bet on tennis is already adapted with this process, but the goal is to be the sum of all the points of the teams, without relying on the score of the sets.

Suppose, for example, a game that ended with a win of Toray Arrows by 25/23, 25/22 and 25/23. By adding up the scores, we found a total of 75 points (25+25+25) for the winning team and 68 points (23+22+23) for the defeated team. This difference is sufficient to cover the Handicap proposed of 1.5 points.

Total points (Below/Above)

Total points

Still thinking of points, another option is to the market Under/Over (Below/Above). Without secrets, the idea is to add up all the points of departure and see if the amount was above or below the proposed line which, in this case, is 185.5 points.

In the example that we gave the market earlier, we have a total of 143 points. That is, the winning bet would be Less than 185.5 points.

Some tips for betting on volleyball

Bets on volleyball, as well as in any other sport, require study and preparation. If you are still starting in this betting market, don’t miss our free courses.

In addition, we separated a few suggestions for you to evaluate along your journey with volleyball.

Understand the priority of the players

Understand the priority of the players

Just as in any sport, we have games more important than others. A departure from a team already sorted, for example, you can do with that she is not very motivated for the clash.

In addition, keep an eye on the big competitions — such as the Olympics and the World cup. In moments of the calendar next to these championships, it is natural that the main players if you spare, preventing injuries that put participation at risk.

Try to work with competitive odds to not need to hit both

Try to work with competitive odds to not need to hit both

Unlike the football, the volleyball has a major difficulty in presenting zebras. So, as we have seen in the video, clashes of big difference on the odds are common. However, you must take care not to trust too much in games superfavoritos and only bet on odds lower. This requires that their index of success is very great. And a zebra appeared already in this round that we did the article, eh!

To circumvent these situations, three are the possibilities:

  • Use of markets, Handicaps, creating odds more competitive for the matches and requiring less hits.
  • Leave it to live betting, taking advantage of the strong teams which take off and leave in losing the game.
  • Seek leagues without much coverage, where the lack of information of the bookmakers that generate the best opportunities.

Make an assessment of the full cast

Make an assessment of the full cast

It is natural that the big players could attract attention, but this does not guarantee victories in volleyball. This mode is played point to point, and hardly an athlete alone makes such a big difference. The weight of the cast that deserves much greater prominence.

Also, be careful with the athletes name.” Sometimes, they may be at the end of his career and, if they do not have a competitive team to the side, the individuality is not so significant. Remember: the cornerstone of a good volleyball team is to have athletes trained in different positions.

Liked the idea of betting on volleyball?

If you like volleyball, you can start trying to earn a buck with betting on the sport. We believe that it is not a difficult task and, after all, if you have any questions, just comment at the end of this article.

We take this opportunity to invite you to know 188Bet, betting house that we trust and that we use as an example for the production of such content. They offer a bonus of up to$200 for new users.

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