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How to bet on snooker?

Although a lot of people don’t know, snooker is considered a sport. It is clear that, in this case, we do not mean a game of friends at the bar, your corner — and yes the matches professionals. The coolest thing is that, as well as many other types, it is possible to bet on snooker. And that is what we intend to share with you in this article.

Let’s learn how to bet on snooker?

The pool professional is not very popular within Brazil. We seldom find broadcasts on the television to watch, although ESPN has something passing time or another. Still, if you have the habit of keeping track of the modality, this can be a good way of trying to take an extra income.

Let us, therefore, see the step-by-step how to bet on snooker by 188Bet. She, after all, is one of the bookmakers that we recommend for your sports betting.

Create your account at 188Bet to bet on snooker

The 188Bet is one of the betting partner of the Club of the Bet. We know and we recommend this house for you to stick your guesses in the pool or in the sports that you like. When you click on the link below you will be redirected to the 188Bet in a new window, without interrupting your reading.

By locating the pool in 188Bet

In the first place, to bet on snooker, you need an account at 188Bet. After creating it, the next step is to make the login area on the top of the site. See, below, that the platform is quite intuitive in this sense.

login area on the top of the site

Now, also in the upper area, but on the left, select the category of sports. Also remember you have already made your first deposit to have balance in time to bet and, of course, to take advantage of the bonuses that 188Bet offers its new registered.

select the category of sports

Within the area of sports, we are looking for the pool on the left side of the platform. It is not difficult to find it considering that the 188Bet tends to give some emphasis to the modality, as we can see below.

pool on the left side

Betting on snooker for the first time

After you select the pool within the category of sports, 188Bet will present the competitions that are in progress. Just select those that you’re interested in and click “send” to open the matches available.

competitions that are in progress

Finally, we will have a list of the games available at that moment to bet on snooker. At the time this article was produced there were few options. We show three of them below, just to illustrate how your screen will display them.

the list of games available

By selecting a bet at 188Bet

To bet on snooker effectively, we should select one of the odds presented by 188Bet. This can be done on the last screen that you saw or, if you prefer, by opening all markets to the departure of detached way. How to do this? By clicking in the game!

As an example, we selected the match between Selby x Murphy. See the quotes for the winner of this confrontation. If one of them appeals to you, just click on the numbers to place the bet.

by selecting a bet on snooker

Confirming your bet on snooker

Finally, we need to confirm our bet in the match within the 188Bet. This is very easy: the platform itself, after all, a window opens on the right sidebar for the latest action. Here, we must put the value you want to bet and click on BET button highlighted in green.

See, then, that the very 188Bet already informs your potential profit in green color as soon as you type the amount you want to bet. Ready! Now just wait for the match and, in the case of a hit, the profit will be automatically added to your balance.

Confirming your bet on snooker

Which markets to bet on snooker?

Before you quit betting, it is important that you know the available markets within the 188Bet for investment in snooker. To end this article, we will present the three main options of markets: match winner, handicap and total games.

The winner of the match

The winner of the match

The first and most common the market that we have to bet in any sport is the winner of the match. And, in this case, is no different. You can put down who will emerge victorious from the confrontation and, therefore, 188Bet will pay your bet in case of a hit.



Another market quite popular among the bettors is the handicap. In it, you can add an advantage (or disadvantage) to the players, making the game more balanced and, consequently, getting odds better for the favorite.

Notice, in the screenshot above, the odds of the favorite Selby virtually double in this market. However, he needs to win by a difference of two frames (line items) for this bet to be a winning. In this case, the game is played in best-of-seven frames. Always be aware of this at the time of selecting a handicap.

Total matches

Total matches

Finally, we have the traditional market full of matches. If you bet on other sports, you won’t have difficulties with the pool. The goal is the same as always: crimp if the amount of matches, adding the two players, outweighs or not the line proposed by 188Bet.

In this case, we have a game played in the best of seven frames. Therefore, the minimum required to move forward is a victory in four races. If you believe that the game will be balanced, worth a bet in the market “Above”. Otherwise, opt for “Down”.

Liked learn how to bet on snooker?

The idea of this article was to present you how to bet on snooker. Get to know new markets is always valid, but do not forget to study more about the sport, the rules and the players before you bet your money, eh?

In addition, it is once again the invitation for you to create your account in 188Bet. They offer a bonus of up to$200 for new users and, after all, this is a good advantage to have greater balance in time to bet on a new sport, isn’t it?

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