Review of the Pinnacle • How to bet on Pinnacle?

The Pinnacle is one of the leading bookmakers that currently exist in the world, being widely used by players and professionals. Among its main advantages are their odds (the most competitive in the market) and not limiting of users to be profitable. If you want to know more about the Pinnacle, be sure to check out the full review of this betting house that we have prepared for you!

The Club of the Bet is always on the lookout for the best houses of bets available in the market. And, as you may already know, the Pinnacle came recently to our list of recommendations. Today, therefore, we will make an analysis of this platform, with all its pros and cons.

If you still are not familiar with our format of review, we separated to you the points that we tend to evaluate in a betting house. The idea, more than to establish our overall opinion of a site, is to have a comparative base solid aiming the better understanding of our parameters, and that are replicable on sites of your choice also.

Our criteria, therefore, are the following:

  • Navigation
  • Interface
  • Bonuses and promotions
  • Payment methods
  • Coverage of sports
  • Markets offered
  • Odds (quotes)
  • Customer support

So let’s start the review of the Pinnacle? Oh, and don’t forget: it was with doubt, leave in the comments which respond to you!

How to bet at Pinnacle?

The Pinnacle is one of the favorite homes of the bettors professional — and it is not by chance. The odds offered by the house are really competitive, often outperforming its main competitors in the market. You can even do the test, by comparing the quotes of different matches.

A positive point is that, if you already participates in the market of sports betting, there are no big differences in the way that we make our investments within the platform. On the other hand, if you’re starting now, check out the video I did teaching how to place a bet at Pinnacle.

One of the main questions that we receive about the bookmakers that we recommend is in relation to its reliability. A critical aspect is regulation, something that you will find in Pinnacle. It is regulated and supervised, as well as so many other safe options on the market.

In addition, the site is concerned with other important issues such as the security of your data, the payment day and the respect of the players — unlike other bookmakers, players, winners and profit follow welcome.

Therefore, stay quiet. The Pinnacle is a bookmaker, reliable and you can use it without any fear.

Our full review on the Pinnacle

Now you already know then a little bit on the Pinnacle. Let us, therefore, start the analysis of the items that are part of our full review of the house. Only strengthening, the items that we will evaluate from now on will be the following:

  1. Navigation
  2. Interface
  3. Bonuses and promotions
  4. Payment methods
  5. Coverage of sports
  6. Markets offered
  7. Odds (quotes)
  8. Customer support

The Pinnacle is reliable?

The Pinnacle is one of the bookmakers, the favorite of the bettors. Besides having the best odds in the market, still does not display limits for your users. Take the time to create your account button below.

1. The navigation of the Pinnacle

The navigation of the Pinnacle

As well as other betting sites, Pinnacle is not exactly a wonder in terms of speed and loading. However, the delay to open a game or a page or far away is something that will piss you off or make you feel like playing your computer on the wall.

Navigation between sports and championships, on the other hand, is a strong point of the platform. It is easy to change mode or even a championship using the orange bar just below the logo. In the other houses of betting, the path often is more boring and requires you to return to previous pages.

2. The interface options of the Pinnacle

The interface options of the Pinnacle

The site layout is very similar with other popular platforms, as well betting. That is, we are talking about a central area with highlights, a list of sports on the left side and at the top, links to area direct.

By your professional focus, the visual part was not a priority for the Pinnacle and, in the classic mode, the format is far from being the most attractive. However, the Beta version brings a layout very nice and modern.

In addition to them, you have two viewing options: the Asian and in the Future. The ideal is to test each one of them and use the one that better understand your use of the platform. This is not, definitely, that will influence your results as the bettor.

3. Shortage of bonuses and promotions to the Pinnacle

Shortage of bonuses and promotions to the Pinnacle

If you are one of those that likes to take advantage of promotions and bonuses offered by the bookmakers, this is a point that the Pinnacle be able to end you a little disappointing. Or thought that this review would be only praise and positive points?!

Pinnacle practically does not work with promotions and bonus to its users. As mentioned previously, it is a home professional and based on your marketing in two aspects that also already mentioned: competitive odds, and the acceptance of bettors to profit.

The truth is that the bookmakers recreational create their bonus as a way of attracting new users and, in some ways, the Pinnacle believes that it can do this without the use of this type of initiative. If it’s something you consider essential, you can take a look at our list of homes with bonus.

It is clear that, for the bettor professional thinking about earning money on betting, these bonuses do not have much importance. However, it is still an aspect that could be improved by the platform.

4. Good variety in the payment methods

Good variety in the payment methods

If the Pinnacle end up leaving the you want in the promotions and special actions, the same can’t be said of their methods of payment. Generally, the main forms of transfer are present on the site. They are:

  • Bank transfer (Itaú, Bradesco, Santander, Caixa or Banco do Brasil)
  • The bank
  • Credit card
  • EcoPayz

We have a specific article explaining how to deposit at Pinnacle. You can refer to it if you have any questions about how the process works. Below, we leave the video with the explanation of the alternatives of the deposit.

5. Excellent coverage of sports and championships

Excellent coverage of sports and championships

The coverage of sports is one aspect that we can not claim within the Pinnacle. Although Brazil has a culture connected basically to the football, we have many followers who like and excel at other sports such as tennis, basketball, volleyball or american football, for example.

And we don’t stop there. The range of options that the house of bets is very wide, including everything from traditional sports (such as those already listed), passing through betting alternatives (such as entertainment, politics and crossfit) and reaching even to the modern e-sports.

In relation to the competitions, the coverage is also very complete. Naturally, the higher the popularity of the sport, the greater also the coverage. Football, for example, presents a good amount of competitions.

The Pinnacle, however, is unable to beat Bet365 in this aspect. This second home, incidentally, is well known for the coverage of championships as well smaller and not always find these tournaments in the platform. That is what happens with the state championships in Brazil. For those who like competitions alternatives, this can be a problem.

6. The markets available at Pinnacle

The markets available at Pinnacle

In relation to markets to bet on, we once again have an important point of difference between a betting house professionals and their competitors away. The focus is on presenting competitive odds.

What we want to say with this? The number of markets in the Pinnacle is very reduced when compared with the 188Bet or with the own Bet365. That is, those alternative markets (and very creative) will not be found here.

For those that use the traditional markets in your bets, this will not be a problem. Match Odds, Over/Under, Correct Score and Handicap, for example, are present in the vast majority of sporting events.

7. The best odds on the market are in the Pinnacle

The best odds on the market are in the Pinnacle

If the alternative markets are not at the Pinnacle, there is a reason for this: the platform focuses your energy on the presentation of the best odds in the market. And you can even make the comparison with the other houses that we recommend. In the vast majority of times, the best quotes are here.

And what is the impact of that? If the odds are better, this means that you will earn more money for the same event. And that makes all the difference to the long-term bettor.

Just to exemplify, suppose that a same bet has odds of 1.90 on Bet365 and 2.00 at Pinnacle. A hit in the Pinnacle would end up paying 10% more for the same event and with the same risk. By summing these differences over time, the gains end up being more consistent. This is why, therefore, that this betting house is preferred by the professionals.

8. Customer support

Customer support

In relation to client support, the Pinnacle end up leaving a little to be desired in the variety. You have the contact channel traditional, by sending a message and waiting for your response via e-mail. However, the house does not provide chat in real-time.

What about creating your account at Pinnacle?

This was our full review of the Pinnacle! I hope that you have enjoyed and that, to the extent possible, your questions about the pros and cons of this betting house are clarified.

In this way, is once again the invitation for you to create your account on the Pinnacle which is considered to be one of the best platforms to bet on the world among the major players in brazil.

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