The Addiction in gambling and Trading Sports

Today we’ll be talking about a touchy subject, but necessary for people to know the other side of the coin. What can happen and where it can take us to the addiction in gambling in the trading of sports.

The Addiction in gambling in Trading Sports

Today, in the media, we see many success stories and people who have a promising path. However, in this article, I will try to show to you is the other side of the coin.

In the first place, you know reports of people who have lost everything in the gambling world?

Although it is not publicized on a large scale, we have several people who reached the bottom of the well because the old illusion that it is easy or will be rich by betting or making trading on football games.

Few people have the courage to disclose their stories, often feel ashamed of where it came and for what reason.

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How it works the bet house?

How it works the bet house?

In the first place, we need to understand why it is difficult for people to earn money in this world. The bookmakers don’t put those quotes in a random fashion but because they have experienced employees who know that if you put certain values the trend is to win in the long term.

For you to be able to find a line profitable you need to be in front of them, have a greater knowledge of the events. And, for this to happen, it is necessary to study and devote a lot.

The houses are, because she can earn money. Guess who they earn this money? Precisely the people who think that it will be easy this walk.

How it works the scholarship sport?

How it works the scholarship sport?

The purse sport is a difficult place to win money in the long term, due to the following factors. There are people much more experienced and you compete directly with them. So to win it is necessary to have more knowledge than many people.

One factor is that only 3% of traders make money in the long term, a lot of it because of the commission that the bags end up charging. So, for you to be within this small portion, it is necessary to devote much.

Now that you already know how difficult it can be to earn money, we can understand the vicious cycle that people can end up falling.

Some of the stories that we find

Some of the stories that we find

I’m going to mention here for you, various parts of the reports that I found during this walk in this world.

The most common is to find people with little time to experience, that resolve to play the job or company away. All of this because of the illusion that you will be able to live of the bets, but few people are aware of what really is this world.

Due to a lot of marketing, many people have migrated to this area with the thought that it will be easy. People end up entering this world, hoping that you’ll get rich from one day to the other. When this does not happen, many of them end up continuing until you reach the point of losing everything.

When I say everything: wife, family, car, house, money, the clothes and bedding of the child, dignity, and sometimes even to the point of thinking of taking her own life. Unfortunately it is in a way sad, but many end up going through it.

What we can conclude about this world?

Yes, the betting market is very pleasurable, is it possible to a living out of it and very well take advantage of the life. However, we still have the other side of the coin, and we need to be very careful for this not to turn into a addiction. It is not very hard to get into a vicious cycle and end up finishing nothing. So, always be smart for this not to happen with you or with a close friend.

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Thank you very much for your reading, any questions you have just send me that I will have the pleasure in responding.

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